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Koma Sliders Chicken
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Ko - Korean. Ma - American

It just feels so right. Koma Sliders

An Eat Street staple since 2013, also trading as A-meri Seoul. Today Koma Sliders is serving up smiles across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond at events and foodie-fests. Koma Koma.

Koma Catering

Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, Koma's catering team will help you turn your next event into a true experience.

Conversation starter? You bet, nothing beats our Korean-American sliders to get your guests together. Ama-zing food will do that.

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Lunchtime menu

Bustling breweries to lunchtime hotspots, catch Koma Sliders on the road to experience a food Koma of your own. Our sliders are worth the trip, getting back to work is up to you. Check out our lunchtime menu options, times and locations below.

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Our Story

Koma Sliders was established in 2013 as an original vendor at Eat Street Markets. The name? Well, we were furiously trying to think of a name for our delicious sliders, and after hours of brainstorming and eating ice-cream, it hit us! "Koma Sliders" - Ko - Korean. Ma - American, err well you’d have to invert the letters but close enough, it was meant to be!

Behind Koma, you'll find two cool, calm, captivating foodies, Yumi & Olaf. Born in Hong Kong, Yumi loves to travel the unbeaten path, exploring dishes from Peru, Bolivia, China, Korea - and Olaf is born and raised in Austin. BBQ is in Olaf's DNA. When not travelling with Koma, you'll find Yumi & Olaf enjoying the sunset in their garden and playing chess. Needless to say, Koma Sliders is about more than food - it's about life.

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