5 Reasons to Hire a Food Catering Truck for your Party in Brisbane

The Koma Food Catering Truck

Organising a party is more than just inviting your friends to come over for a get-together. When you’re the host, you’re probably in charge of many things, from the music to the drinks, and most importantly, the food.

Let’s say it out loud, food at parties is never great, not even in fancy five-hundred-guest wedding receptions. To feed a crowd and leave everyone satisfied, you must hire a specialist, and we’re now talking about catering companies, but about food trucks. Here’s why you should hire a food truck catering service in Brisbane for your next party.

1. Food Trucks Are Awesome

Food trucks can feed a crowd fast, cheap and easy. This doesn’t mean the food can’t be amazing. Today food trucks are spearheading the hottest food trends, especially in Brisbane.

This is the case with foodie-favorite Koma. Korean American food with a flare. Their hearty and flavorful sliders have been trending since 2013 and you can’t miss them on every food-fest in Brisbane, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. 

For authentic foodie experiences to break the ice and get the conversation started; food to turn a reunion into a party, there are food trucks.

2- Food Trucks Are Versatile

For you and your close friends or a few dozen guests, food trucks offer a versatility that traditional catering companies simply cannot match. Food trucks adapt to all spaces and layouts; they’re already used to work in tight spaces!

It’s not only the venue where food trucks shine. Food trucks are much more flexible than restaurants and traditional catering services — they go to you, adjusting to your calendar and schedule. Ask any event or wedding planner; this is a real lifesaver that can make or break any party. 

3. Food is Inventive

Long tablecloth dining tables and three-course French-inspired meals might still please a more traditional crowd for grandma’s 80th birthday party. Still, the young crowd looks for authentic gastronomic experiences. That’s where fusion food comes in. 

Korean food in Brisbane is quite sophisticated, and no city in Australia lacks an excellent American burger joint. When combined, Korean and American food traditions become an actual foodie experience with no equal. Yumi & Olaf’s Korean BBQ Burger, their Cheese Steak Sub and crispy Korean Fried Chicken are fabulous examples of exciting fusion cuisine you don’t want to miss. 

4. The Staff are Awesome

Part of the charm of inviting a food truck to your party is allowing your guests to come up and close with the chefs. There’s no room for long-faced servers and their old-fashioned bow ties — it’s all about getting face-to-face with these artists of the grill.

There was a time where the most experienced, well-traveled and talented cooks worked exclusively at high-browed restaurants. That’s not the case anymore. Today the streets of Brisbane are brimming with talent. Koma’s chefs Olaf and Yumi, from Austin, Texas, and Hong Kong, respectively, are some of the city’s talents, and they put on a show with their crazy cooking skills. 

5. Food Trucks are More Than a One-Trick Pony

Sure, food trucks evolved from humble street-food stands where variety was not common, but modern food trucks have solid menus. Burgers and sliders, fried finger food, vegetarian options, salads and more. Food trucks offer your guests alternatives — and nothing makes people happier than getting to choose what they’ll have for dinner, especially at a party. 

Take your party to the next level with an exciting food truck catering service in Brisbane: Koma. Innovative fusion food that’ll swoon your guests off their feet. What’s not to love?